Operation Market Garden and Operation Veritable Battlefield

Costs (Guides) are 40,- euro p.p.

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The programme needs to finalised, but is presently (august 2014):

Operation Market Garden and Operation Veritable Battlefield Tour 27th-28th September 2014:

On 27th September Gerard Sprenger and John Cameron-Webb will be conducting a guided tour of the Market Garden battlefield and on 28th touring the border area of Germany looking at the Rhine Crossing battle of Feb-March 1944 Operation Veritable.  The tour will finish at the National War Museum in Overloon, near Venray.


10.30 hrs: Group will meet at Airborne Memorial on the Ginkelseheide on the A244 leading towards Arnhem from Ede
11.30 hrs:  Drive to the Wolfheze area and look at the advance of the Airborne Division towards Arnhem
12.30 hrs:  Drive to Jack Frost bridge
13.30 hrs:  Lunch
14.30 hrs:  Visit Airborne Museum  in Oosterbeek followed by a visit to sites around where fighting took place
16.00 hrs: Drive past Groesbeek towards Cleve to hotel Waldschlösschen,
Kranenburgerstrasse 1, 47533 Kleve: Telephone: 0049-282172640
(recommend you book accommodation as soon as you decide to take part)
19.00 hrs: Evening Meal together

Sunday 28th September:

09.00 hrs; Depart hotel; look at sites around Kleven area where advances took place towards Rhine crossing point.
10.30 hrs: Visit Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery at Reichswald
11.30 hrs: Depart towards Dutch border
12.30 hrs: Arrive at Overloon museum
12.45 hrs: Lunch in museum restaurant
13.30 hrs: Visit museum
15.30 hrs: Wrap-up talk and disperse


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